Testet ölt


Žanr: experimental/psychedelic/kraut rock

Clanovi benda:
- Lenkes László - guitars
- Czini Ákos - keyboard
- Nenad Stupar - drums

Biografija: Testet ölt bears two meaning. On one hand it’s a Hungarian two-word verb for it comes into being, it materializes, it happens, it takes form and if its interpreted as a two-word syntagm, then its meaning shifts to the complete opposite of the first one, the meaning becomes it killed a body. So as it follows, our name implicates that dichotomy, both, the birth and the death, the beginning and the end, the light and the dark, the good and the evil, towards a reflection of wholeness.
The band has started to take its form in the fall of 2009 when Ákos and Lenkes, who were making noise-music together in an experimental, drone, lo-fi project, started to work on some songs under the influence of both experimental and rock genres, as they both played in other formations similar to those two genres. After a little more than a year, Stupar joined them on drums. So Testet ölt has begun to work as it is today since January 2011. We had a bass player for some time but we are a three-piece at the moment, in search for a bassist.
We got together to play music under the influence of experimental, avant garde, post-rock, new wave, drone, post-punk, noise rock, psychedelic, kraut rock and all the similar styles of these. As all the members played in formations of different genres from new wave, punk, metal and experimental, Testet ölt is an amalgam of the styles of our previous experiences and influences. We like to say that we simply play experimental, psychedelic, rock music. But if you think the definition is wrong, that’s fine with us - in the end, we just play Testet ölt.

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